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Large group of volunteers for homeless care packages.

Make Mental Health Matter.

BCC Evolution is a movement...

We bridge the gap by educating people to support those who are faced with a mental health challenge.


We aim to ACE; increase Awareness, cultivate Conversation, and provide Education

Why BCC Evolution??

The Founder Kelli Melissa Hansen lost her middle sister Carrie to a completed suicide on Feb 20th, 2017. BCC stands for "Because Carrie Cared". BCC also reflects on the theory behind Blind Carbon Copy emails, a person’s name is on the "bcc" line and they do not know who else's name is there. It is hidden and that is how we think about a Mental Health challenge, it is there, but you may not know it is there. Our goal is to get the hidden names listed on the "bcc" line to the "to" line to open up the conversation about mental health, so that we start breaking down the stigma. You cannot always see a mental health challenge or know how to address it until it is too late, and we lose a life to a completed suicide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to get educated and speak out about mental health and suicide, so that we break down the stigma and start saving lives.